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No more zillion open tabs on Alibaba or Googling at Top 10 manufactures. Supply Connects hand-selects the best manufacturers for your requirements from our exclusive network.

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Supply Connect is 100% free to brands - we never charge you for a search. We’re so confident in our matching ability that we only make money from our manufacturing partners if you sign with them. We do offer value added services such as designing, prototyping, quality control, customs clearance, and factory tours.

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  • How does Supply Connect make money?
  • How long will my supplier search take?
  • How Supply Connect vet manufacturers?
  • Can I reach out to the manufacuturer on my own?
How does Supply Connect make money?
How long will it take to get response to RFQ?
How Supply Connect vets manufacturers?

Our Manufacturers

At Supply Connect, we work with high quality manufacturers. We vet our suppliers for authenticity and sustainability. We are committed to building a sustainable future with responsible leather. We drive best practices and positive social and environmental change for responsible leather production.

August 27, 2022
Leather Goods
Trident Exports - Kolkata, India
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August 27, 2022
Leather Goods
Shree Shyam International - Kolkata, India
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August 27, 2022
Leather Goods
Sapid Designs - Kolkata, India
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Supply Connect was founded by private label brand owners to connect brands with great manufacturers from all around the globe. All of our RFQs are FREE to the brands

We offer value-added services such as new product development, factory sourcing, quotation negotiation, prototyping, quality control and factory tours.

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