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Tanveer Sharief
November 11, 2022
Leather Goods

USMAN SHARIF & SONS,  is a  family-owned business started in 1967 by our founder K. Usman Sharif.

We are an established manufacturer and exporter of leather, leather goods, and cotton bags. Our company has been in the business for over 50 years and that in it speaks of the experience and expertise of the company.

Our company has always believed in the importance of quality and aims to prove that in every stage of dealing with its customers. The aim to excel in our endeavor and create strong bonds with our clients has always been our top priority. For this, we make sure that our company delivers all its products in the best possible condition and at the best rates available in the market.


We make best quality leather goods and leather products using the fine quality leathers from cow, buffalo, goat and sheep skin. We can satisfy all kind of customer expectation from high to low range. We would be happy to deliver very good quality products.


Our company has access to the most developed machinery and tools to assist in proper and quality production of our leathers. the equipment housed in our tannery is operated by the most skilled workmen who ensure exact specification of leathers. We have access to various raw materials to meet our customer targets.

Infrastructure for Leather Goods

We have our leather manufacturing tannery in Chennai, equipped with the manufacturing of 1,00,000 sq. ft of sheep and goat skin leather. We can make all kinds of goat suede, vintage leather, sheep nappa and cow split suede articles. We source the best quality raw materials and process it using very good quality chemicals and machinery at our own manufacturing facility and we ensure that the products are checked and analyzed before delivering them to our customers and you could be assured that your expectations would not be disappointed.


Leather Jacket  

1. Leather Type

  • Men Goat Suede Jacket(Black)
  • Men Antique Suede Jacket
  • Men Fancy Suede Jacket (Orange)
  • Washed Nappa Jacket (Tan/Light Tan)
  • Women Goat Suede Jacket (Light Green)

2. Color: Black, Orange, Tan, Light Tan, Light Green.

3. Size Range: 3.5 - 7 Sq.ft.

4. Thickness: 0.4 - 0.6mm.


1. Leather Type

  • Buffalo Croco Print
  • Goat Suede
  • Buffalo Tumble
  • Cow Bold Print
  • Cow Crazy Horse
  • Cow NDM
  • Cow Two Tone
  • Goat Milled

2. Color: Tan, Black, Peach, Brown.

3. Lead Time: 20-30 days.

Card Wallet

1. Leather Type

  • Buffalo Natural
  • Cow Oil Pull Up
  • Cow Strip Print
  • Cow Dot Print Two Tone
  • Cow Tipping Printed Milled

2. Color: Tan, Brown, Navy, Black, Dark Tan, Green.

3. Lead Time: 20-30 days.

Back Pack & Duffel Bag's

1. Leather Type

  • Cow Leather
  • NDM
  • PU
  • Tipping Printed Milled

2. Color : Black, Tan, Brown.

3. Lead Time : 20-30 days.

Duffle Bag

1. Leather Type

  • Buffalo Tumble
  • Cow Natural Dry Milled
  • Cow Tipping Printed Milled
  • Plain Cow PDM

2. Color: Black/Tan.

3. Lead Time: 20-30 days.

Laptop Bag

1. Leather Type

  • Cow Croco Print Plain
  • Cow PDM
  • Cow Softy Aniline

2. Color: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Tan.

3. Lead Time: 20-30 days.

Messenger & Toiletry Bag Collections
Messenger Bag

1. Leather Type

  • Messenger Bag-Cow Bold Print, Cow NDM
  • Satchel Bag - Milled
  • Shoulder Bag - Cow Dot Print, Cow Bold Print.

2. Color: Brown, Black, Tan, Navy.

3. Lead Time: 20-30 days.

Toiletry Bag

1. Leather Type:

  • Cow Bold Print
  • Cow Split Suede
  • Cow Dot Print
  • Goat Milled

2. Color: Black, Tan, Navy, Brown.

3. Lead Time: 20-30 days.

Finished Leather

Leather Types

  • Bavarian Antique Suede
  • Goat Full Grain Suede Leather
  • Goat Antique
  • Goat Crazy Horse
  • Goat Croco Antique
  • Goat Wax Crazy Horse Leather
  • Goat Suede Leather
  • Metal Free Goat Lining
  • Metal Free Goat Milled Leather
  • Sheep Nappa Leather.

Business name: 
Usman Shari &. Sons
Leather - Jackets, Bag Back, Duffle Bag, Laptop Bag, Messenger Bag, File Cover, Card Holder, Wallet, Passport Holder, and Toiletry Bag.
Do you offer sample?:
Yes, but payment needed.
100pcs for Bags, 300pcs for Wallets
Countries currently selling:
Germany, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, Italy, Saudi Arabia

Address Details
20 - 30 days
+919884500330, +919884800329

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