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January 8, 2023
Leather Goods

The CREATIVE INDIA journey has started in 2006 in Kanpur, the Manchester of India, also known as a leather hub in North India. Since then, we have exported our products to several countries like the UK, US, Australia, and Europe. For the last 16 years, we have been India’s leading leather goods manufacturer and exporter.

Our company deals in diversified leather items like braided leather cords, round leather cords, flat laces, Barbwire, leather collars, etc. Along with it, we have also extended our products to cotton cords and leather bags. Our products are designed with utmost detail and sophistication. We trust that leather can bring out its magic only if it’s crafted with magic! Our team of expert designers and crafters ensures that every product of Creative India is made with deep diligence and innovation.

Creative India’s leather product collections boat diversity at its peak. No matter your taste or preference, everyone will find something at Creative India. Our products are designed to be versatile. That’s why everyone with different backgrounds, preferences, ages, etc., can find something they love.


We focus on a few fundamentals to derive the best-in-industry infrastructure. These fundamentals are evolving and adapting. With these two key factors, we have been able to build a manufacturing infrastructure that shows the following features;

  • Cutting-edge latest technology offers maximum utilization of resources and minimum cost consumption
  • Machines that enable the team to craft their most innovative and out-of-the-box ideas into reality
  • Technology applications that can create highly detailed and customized products
  • Huge unit area approx. 10,000 square feet to make sure the production doesn’t hinder due to trivial reasons
Our products are fully compliant with:
  • German Goods Ordinance
  • R.E.A.C.H. (European Union)
  • R.O.H.S. (United Kingdom)
  • CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)

Creative India customizes the best bags with 100% pure leather; they are customized for both men and women and can be easily used without much effort. They are also easy to carry; these bags were used in earlier times and are now modified with different features and specifications. Genuine leather is used to make any pure leather product, whether a bag, shoe, or any other product. Please don't wash these bags directly with water. Instead, use a dry cloth to clean the bag, which will maintain its quality; overfilling the bag with unnecessary stuff may damage its shape and structure. A strong handle is attached to the bag for better and safe handling. The height of the bag is medium, and the weight may vary per bag.  Some leather bags are available in customized designs with thick thread, which looks attractive and stylish. You can easily carry this bag while traveling and keep your basic stuff safe inside.

  • You will get the best-customized leather sling bags at Creative India, as they fulfill your requirements and needs of having a perfect sling for your attire. Sling bags are usually used by girls or women to match their traditional or western dress. You will get different primary plus vibrant colors in this product; black and brown are the two standard leather colors that look pretty classy as it matches the background and you. We provide the best quality leather sling here at Creative India. We assure the quality and authenticity of the product.

  • Leather Tote Bags are best for use while traveling short distances; they are also easy to use and carry. They have sufficient space so you can place your basic stuff of daily routine in this handbag. A leather tote bag is counted as a handbag, and they are in different sizes and bright, enthusiastic colors, including Sage Green, Moss Blue, Black Matt, Chocolate Brown, Coffee Brown, and much more eye-catching. One of the main qualities of handbags is that they look attractive and stylish, primarily because of their attractive colors and beautiful, elegant designs.
  • A leather Coin purse also comes under the handbag category but is smaller than a clutch. Made from high-quality pure real dry leather present in several different colors. The leather used is of high quality and is highly resistible. It is water-resistant and easily washable. Real artisans craft the leather coin purse from their hands, some even crafted with designs

  • Creative India provides high-quality top-grain leather belts, which are highly distinguishable based on their colors, sizes, and patterns. It is present in two types that are with holes and without holes. You can get our ethereal leather belts in all sizes and vibrant colors like Burley black, silver matt, black matt, rose gold matt, and much more. Creative India customizes leather belts for all genders, male or female and others.




Our packaging services include creating the packaging, labelling the product, assembling & packing the product and shipping it out. In short, we are equipped to undertake the complete packaging activities for our customers.

Environmental Regulation

We strictly follow the environmental regulations and use the most environmentally friendly dyes and chemicals from renowned manufacturers found worldwide, and we are proud to assure our prestigious customers that our products are qualified with:

  • Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Free
  • Azo Free
  • Tetrachlorophenol (TECP) Free
  • Chromium (VI) Free
  • O-Phenylpheneol (OPP) Free
  • Lead (PB) Free
  • Other Hazardous Chemicals Free

What do we offer?

Experienced Hands to guide your product manufacturing.

  • We have one of the best industry skillsets for manufacturing leather products. Our people are highly experienced in working on different materials and designs. With their creative instincts, you get some of the most innovative pieces of work that are nothing less than art. In addition, we incorporate cutting-edge manufacturing technology to offer you streamlined and the latest manufacturing services.

Delivery as per the commitment

  • We believe that the trust of our customers comes as our priority. That’s why we are very strict about on-time delivery. So you get your order as we have committed to you.


  • Cost-cutting and optimization of resources are two main factors of a successful business. That’s what Creative India also lives for. Therefore, you get one of the best skillsets and high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

Tailored design

  • The taste of life is in being different! The saying perfectly tells about our approach toward our designs. We trust that every customer is different with different preferences and tastes. That’s why you get a highly customized experience at Creative India. We make sure that you get what you dream of!

Business name: 
Creative India
Leather Cords, Cotton Cords, Leather Bracelets, Leather Bags and Purses, Leather Beads, Leather Collars, etc.
Do you offer sample?:
Yes offer the samples as well. For cords, we need shipping charges. For Bags, we take all the charges for making samples.
Countries currently selling:
USA, Latin America, European Countries, England, Japan etc…

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